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I break down when I get to this part. Always. This is not some way of saying I fangirl over it, I literally cry, because their voices, vibratos and falsettos, the harmony just pulls some strings in my heart and I can’t help but feel really really sad that we don’t know what the fox says and that they really want to know but never will. And that plea, GOD! “What is your sound? Will we ever know?” 

And yes I know this is over something as stupid (as they like to say) as the sounds the fox makes, but they just sold it so good, that I bought it and I keep buying it every single time. 

And yes, it was The Fox that introduced me to Ylvis, but not because of its massive popularity. But because of that part right there. Because it touched me. 

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You know you’ve watched too many Ylvis videos in one sitting when you wake up at 6am singing this…

Bård really gets into it though. 

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Vegard singing like this actually killed me. I’ve always had a certain weak spot for music of this variety, what with the guitar and haunting vocals. I just want him to keep singing.

cute, sweet and funny but i just can’t not more appreciate that chuckle of Bård

God you’re right

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