You’ve got a nice face fence, Bård Ylvisåker

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Maybe some big international artists are coming? I don’t know.

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I have now finished uploading all of my recordings of 24 hours with Ylvis into my playlist. I’m missing some minutes here and there but I can get these and add them in later. I am planning to put them altogether into one big video (if youtube allows!) once I have the missing parts.

Enjoy everyone :)

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On Bård's hair
Magnus: Bård when was the last time you washed your hair?
Bård: Today.
Vegard: Doesn't look like that.
Bård: Because I have to put something in it which-
Magnus: What do you put in your hair?
Bård: It's some kinda shit. Manure.
Magnus: Bård do you ever wish you had Vegard's curls?
Bård: No.
Vegard: Pfft.
Bård: I wish I had heavier hair so I didn't have to put stuff in it that makes it so dirty.
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